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Drive Active Loyalty With New Segment

  • Long Term Loyalty

    Loyalty Awards Don’t Drive Real Loyalty

    Loyalty programs were built on an individual transaction model.  Each member earns points or awards based upon their individual effort and behavior. There is nothing wrong with that.  But we believe it stops short of what you really want.

    You want evangelists.

    You want ACTIVE participants that reach out and connect with other potential consumers to drive activity for your brand, product or service.  Awarding points redeemable for catalog merchandise or travel doesn’t drive that behavior.

    Creating Owners Through Your Program Drives ACTIVE Loyalty Behaviors

    When members of your loyalty program redeem for shares of your company stock they will actively promote and drive activity toward your brand.

    Why?  Because they now have an award that can actually grow in value as your business succeeds. Your customers are now more concerned with your overall success.

    Your loyalty program members will actively engage their social network on behalf of your brand.  

    A study of customers who owned stock showed that they:

    – Increased spend, referrals, and store visits

    – Held on to the stock an average of 5 years.  In fact 66% held the stock 3-7 years and over 25% held the stock more than 7 years

    – Are twice as likely to buy more shares than sell shares when a stock goes down.

    And isn’t that what you really wanted out of your loyalty program?  Contact us now and we can begin the conversation that will bring true loyalty to your loyalty program.

    Connecting with your loyal customers who are also shareholders creates a powerful marketing channel.

    How many of your loyal customers who are members of your loyalty program also own stock in your company?  It’s difficult to know.  But when your loyalty program members have the ability to buy shares of your stock through your program award system you now have a way to identify owners and members.  Consider how much more impact your marketing efforts can have when you’ve not only identified customers who interact with you the most each day – but also own a piece of the company.

    The numbers above show that customers who own stock are more engaged.  Now you can easily and quickly direct marketing messages to those loyalty members who own your stock.

    Using the database we create when one of your loyalty program members signs up to redeem their award points for shares of your company stock you can communicate directly and personally to this new audience.  You get new marketing leverage, communicating your point of view on key issues to stockholders AND loyal customers.

    You control your message  with a very influential segment of stockholders – your loyal customers.