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FREE Document – Answers to Top Client Questions

  • After a few months talking to clients we noticed similar questions in every discussion.  Since these questions seem universal we thought it would be helpful if you, and anyone else interested in adding the most innovative redemption option available to their program, had a “cheat sheet” with the answers.


    Our FREE paper contains answer to the most often asked questions about LoyaltyShares.  Questions such as…

    • Is LoyaltyShares a standalone option or is it a complete system?
    • How does LoyaltyShares work?
    • Have you done this before?
    • Why is LoyaltyShares a better option for redemption than say a TV or a coupon?
    • What are the tax issues associated with redeeming points/miles for shares of stock?

    That’s just the top 5!  We have 15 more great questions and great answers in our document.

    If you want your copy, please fill in the form below and we’ll shoot you a link to the PDF right away.  We do ask for your name, email and company name so we can be sure we’re sending things out to people who really want them and not filling up someone’s inbox.  Rest assured we do not sell names or participate in anything “spammy.”  That’s just not good business.

    Hope you enjoy the 20 Questions – and if we didn’t answer one of yours in the document be sure to send us a note at connect@LoyatlyShares.com or you can reach our head of business development Skip Kitchen at SkipKitchen@LoyaltyShares.com

    Thank You!