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The Team...

  • The Principals behind LoyaltyShares LLC bring together a unique combination of strong technical skills in database management, securities and stock transaction processing, loyalty program design and behavioral influence expertise.  This unique combination of skills means you are assured of an efficient connection between your current loyalty provider and your loyalty program members, effective loyalty design, an understanding of the how the securities data marketplace works, and adherence to the strict requirements around security and privacy.

    Feel free to connect with all of us to talk about how we can energize your current loyalty program and help positively impact your company’s financials.

    Who We Are…


    Cal Donly – Sr. Vice President Operations

    Cal Donly, is one of the co-founders of Ellen Philip Associates, where his primary concentration has been on marketing and sales. As in all companies with a lean management structure he has habitually worn multiple hats, including those having to do with strategic planning and administration.

    Cal started out in Journalism with a stint at The New York Times but is an entrepreneur at heart.  He helped create a company that specialized in sales promotion materials and a brass bed and furniture manufacturer.

    Cal was born in South Africa and arrived in New York in 1958. He attended New York University, where he majored in economics. He considers himself a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, and lives in Manhattan.

    Paul Hebert – Member – Board of Advisors

    Paul has a diverse background including 20 years with Carlson Marketing Group where he was Marketing Director for the firm’s Western Region and a Sr. Account Executive earning top awards for both productivity and innovation in program design. Paul also was Marketing Director for a corporate identity firm and has owned and managed the successful marketing and incentive design agency, I2I.

    Paul has been quoted in the USA Today and been interviewed by the BBC on incentives and rewards.  You can connect with him on any of the following networks.


    K.F. (Skip) Kitchen II – Member – Board of Advisors

    Skip brings over 25 years of marketing and sales experience in the loyalty and incentive industry with 5 years as VP Business Development for Carlson Marketing Group..  In addition Skip provided marketing and sales expertise in the aerospace/defense arena for 7 years prior to launching his own marketing services firm in 1995.

    Skip is based in Southwest Florida and is active in several community organizations.

    Ellen Philip – Sr. Vice President Client Services

    Ellen Philip is the founder and president of Ellen Philip Associates, a New York based company that has functioned as a data intermediary in the shareholder services community for over 30 years.  Ellen Philip Associates, Inc. focuses on IT projects that don’t fit readily into established processing routines and often provides a bridge for data passing from one major record-keeping system to another.

    Ellen serves on the board of the Shareholder Services Association, a national organization of equity issuers and companies involved in processes linked to share ownership.

    She got her introduction to data-processing in Paris in the early nineteen-sixties, when she worked for International General Electric after it had installed its first computer in France. She later worked as a programmer for International General Electric in New York, and spent seven years teaching math in the New York City school system before becoming an entrepreneur.

    Ellen, who holds a BA degree from Vassar College, is a native of Long Island and lives in Manhattan.


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